The 5 best coffee in Fresno

best coffee in fresno

Wondering where to find the best coffee in Fresno? Fret not, because you are about to know some of the greatest cafes in Fresno where you can have the best time of your life. When it is about flavorful and unique coffee spots, Fresno is a well-known place.

Coffee is consumed as people go on dates, conduct interviews, or getting homework done. Although there are multiple coffee shops are on every corner of Fresno, not every shop can give you what you want, and that’s why we have compiled a list of the best 5 cafes in Fresno.

Best coffee in Fresno listed bellow

  1. Kuppa Joy Coffee House
  2. The Mug
  3. Hi-Top Coffee
  4. The Revue
  5. Kuppa Joy Coffee House

Kuppa Joy Coffee House

Kuppa Joy Coffee House - best coffee in Fresno

If you believe in a great environment, great people, and great coffee, you should visit Kuppa Joy Coffee House in Fresno, because it is one of the best cafes in Fresno. Apart from good coffee, you get a clean surroundings along with comfortable seating arrangements, as the cafe is located at 6747 Cedar Ave Fresno.

Kuppa Joy Coffee House is not just about good coffee, but to have a complete experience. The staff are equally friendly and get your order in due time. As their coffee drink is all about balancing sweet and savory, you would definitely love the hot chocolate.

Lattes at Kuppa Joy are really good and are remarkably strong. Although it might cost you a bit higher compared to ordinary cafes, it is always worth having a delicious coffee in a great environment. The place is peaceful, relaxing, and friendly.

With an adorable atmosphere, Kuppa Joy manages to draw attention to their place be it students doing their work assignments or friends catching up.

Highlights –

  • Beautifully crafted cappuccinos
  • Delicious pastries
  • Great staff and cozy environment
KNOWN FORKuppa Joy Coffee House
ADDRESS6747 Cedar Ave Fresno, CA 93710
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 492-3220

The Mug

Locals tend to tag this place as the cutest coffee in Fresno where you can have an amazing cup of coffee. Among all the different variants of coffee, many people have praised Fog Breaker, which is basically a half-sweet latte mixed alongside cinnamon, vanilla, or honey.

You can get hold of other food items such as pastries, muffins, bagel sandwiches, and so on. The Mug is famous for serving high-quality coffee and maintains a high standard in all aspects of safety and hygiene. Truly, The Mug is popular for excellent drinks and amazing service.

Another great feature about this cafe is that the espresso is quite strong and the iced mocha with dark chocolate is something to die for. Fortunately, The Mug provides you with plenty of alternate milk choices by letting you know about the options.

Great coffee and good food are what people expect from a good cafe and The Mug provides you with that, and with amazing food and drink, you are bound to return here a lot of times.

Highlights –

  • Takeout and outdoor seating available
  • Credit cards are accepted here
  • Great place to eat and drink
ADDRESS1137 E Champlain Dr Fresno, CA 93720
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 840-0863

Hi-Top Coffee

Hi-Top Coffee - best coffee in Fresno

When it comes to great coffee brews at competitive prices, Hi-Top Coffee is the perfect place you can get to Fresno. You don’t want to miss the Lo-top, which comes in the iced form and that’s something you won’t get anywhere. Or, you can try the hot mocha.

Although the cafe is one of the top locations in Fresno where you can have the best pour-over coffee, the real show stopper of the place is the toast. Whether you choose peanut butter, peach, or avocado toast, or pastries, you would enjoy a delicious snack along with your coffee.

The colorful decor both on the inside and outside of the cafe makes the place ideal to sit down and relax after a tiring day at work. Or, you can get your work done while sipping a cup of great coffee alongside some kind of toast.

Highlights –

  • Great ambiance and amazing service
  • Toasts filled with plenty of fresh sprouts and other goodies
  • Intuitive menu not found anywhere
KNOWN FORHi-Top Coffee
ADDRESS1306 N Wishon Ave Fresno, CA 93728

The Revue

The Revue - best coffee in Fresno

Located in central Tower District in Fresno, The Revue is not just a coffee shop but a community hub as well. The cafe is responsible for hosting an art hop featuring local artists, and local businesses tend to sell their products through the cafe.

When it is about freshly brewed coffee along with a great ambiance, The Revue has a style of its own. The whiskey caramel latte is loved by most people visiting their place, and it is something that you won’t get at other cafes in the area.

That’s because the recipe consists of Ampersands Whiskey Carmel and special Lanna roasted beans. The Revue is co-owned by Ampersand Ice Cream and Lanna Coffee, and both of them came together to bring about some drastic changes to The Revue as it used to be earlier.

The Revue has friendly staff and a good-sized menu. The front room at The Revue is good for chatting with your friends or a coffee date, whereas the back room is perfect for holding a meeting or performing music.

Highlights –

  • Homemade syrups and sauces
  • A popular spot for hanging out
  • Option for outdoor seating
ADDRESS620 E Olive Ave Fresno, CA 93728
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 981-2021

Kuppa Joy Coffee House

So, we have the last one on the list, and it’s Kuppa Joy Coffee House in Downtown Fresno, which has three cafes in three locations: Tower District, North Fresno, and Clovis. Kuppa Joy Coffee House is loved by the locals because of certain reasons.

But of all the reasons, the great vibes and great coffee are the trademarks of Kuppa Joy. Even if you don’t like coffee frequently, you would certainly love the place, because the Kuppa Joy has specialized drinks that come in both hot and iced.

The chai tea latte gives you an exceptional kick in a single sip you won’t simply find elsewhere. The staff are incredibly generous and make you feel at home.

Highlights –

  • Excellent vibes and great staff
  • A trendy, fun atmosphere
  • Delicious cappuccinos
KNOWN FORKuppa Joy Coffee House
ADDRESS1900 N Echo Ave Fresno, CA 93704
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 228-9351

The best coffee in Fresno are driven by passion and it is evident by all the cafes aforementioned. Great coffee, a good atmosphere, and amazing consumer service are what you can expect from all of them, and the specialty coffee along with delicious beverages make them the best cafes.

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