10+ Best Car Detailing in Fresno, California

Car Detailing in Fresno

Cars provide convenience in our daily activities. However, their value depreciates after being used for a long time and their physical appearance is also affected. Although cars only depreciate upon continuous usage, their life and appearance can still be saved with proper care and through the help of car detailing services. 

Car detailing services involve car washing, vacuuming, polishing, shampooing, waxing, and ceramic coatings. Perhaps your car coating seems old or your car seats have animal furs, stains, or extreme dirt that you think is impossible to remove. However, nothing is impossible with the solutions provided by car detailing heroes. 

When you know the right place to go for your car detailing, you will have no problem in the future. Below are the exceptional car detailing businesses in Fresno that you should visit for your car detailing needs.

  1. Executive Auto Detailing
  2. Oxotic Mobile Wash & Detail
  3. Essential Detail
  4. Auto Envy
  5. West Coast Polishing & Detailing
  6. Detailing Done Right
  7. Black Label Detailing
  8. A & P Auto Detailing 
  9. Danny Spotless Touch
  10. A-Z Car Detailing & Ceramic Coatings
  11. Detail Garage

Executive Auto Detailing

Executive Auto Detailing - Best car detailing Fresno

With more than 30 years in this industry, Executive Auto Detailing provides engine steam cleaning, waxing, polishing, and interior cleaning. Also, they remove rough water spots, paint overspray, surface scratches, bumper paint restoration, and paint touch-up. The family-owned and managed company, Executive Auto Detailing has 15 skilled technicians to meet your car’s requirement.

What started in 1989, Executive Auto Detailing has come a long way and it has grown as the largest and best car detailing Fresno. The technicians are committed to providing excellent quality work and great customer service to customers and dealers. The whole team at Executive Auto Detailing is responsive and gives you a satisfactory car detailing service. 

Highlights – 

  • Good, affordable price
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Super courteous staff
KNOWN FORExecutive Auto Detailing
ADRESS114 E San Jose Ave Fresno, CA 93710
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 222-9987
OPERATING HOURSMon-Thu: 7:45 AM – 5:00 PM

Oxotic Mobile Wash & Detail

Oxotic Mobile Wash & Detail - Best car detailing Fresno

This car detailing service uses the best products along with deionized water so that it doesn’t leave a water spot on the car’s surface. Oxotic Mobile Wash & Detail are specialists in taking care of all kinds of vehicles regardless of the models or makes. Their amazing customer service and attention to detail will make your car and you feel pampered. 

Going through the online reviews, it appears that you won’t be dissatisfied by hiring them for their services. Although Oxotic Mobile Wash & Detail was founded in 2020, they have managed to earn a good name within a short time. The crew knows how important your time and your car are. This is the reason why the crew comes to your location and provides the best-in-class car wash service. 

Highlights – 

  • Professional and friendly 
  • Outstanding experience 
  • Reasonable price
KNOWN FOROxotic Mobile Wash & Detail
ADRESS706 W Herndon Fresno, CA 93650
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 345-9274
OPERATING HOURSMon-Thu: 8am – 6pm

Essential Detail

Essential Detail - car detailing Fresno

If you need services such as water spot removal, paint correction, ceramic coatings, paint protection, shampoo, polishing extracting, and so on, contact Essential Detail and get your job done. Established in 2019, the skilled team at Essential Detail is ready to take over this industry by providing superior quality work and great customer service.

Speaking about customer service, the team responds to every call and provides prompt service and this is the reason why they are famous here in Fresno. Everybody loves the super friendly attitude of the crew and is impressed by their exceptional way of working. What’s important is that when you take your car for detailing, the crew uses the best products for interior and exterior.

Highlights – 

  • Attentive service
  • Friendly attitude
  • Remarkable results
KNOWN FOREssential Detail
ADRESS815 E Brighton Ln Fresno, CA 93720
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 341-3914
OPERATING HOURSMon-Thu: 8am – 5pm

Auto Envy

Auto Envy - Best car detailing Fresno

As one of the most comprehensive car detailing services, Auto Envy takes pride in providing services that make your car look its best. They provide a full detailing service regardless of the size of the vehicle you have. Also, they provide their services in lesser time so that you don’t have to manage much time from your hectic schedule.

People are extremely pleased with their detailing services because they always exceed customer expectations when it comes to delivering quality work. Reputable and reliable, Auto Envy services are unmatched in this related area and their customer service is unparalleled throughout the industry. When you choose a suitable package, it helps to get the job done without waiting for long.

Highlights – 

  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Amazing customer support
  • Excellent care of your car
ADRESS4645 N Blackstone Ave Ste 103 Fresno, CA 93726
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 224-1502
OPERATING HOURSMon-Thu: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

West Coast Polishing & Detailing

West Coast Polishing & Detailing in Fresno

A family-owned business that has been operating since 2005, West Coast Polishing & Detailing specializes in a variety of professional detailing fields such as 3-step painting process, headlight rejuvenation, car lift 6-feet witch, and so on. The company takes pride in its work by making it a mission to satisfy the customers.

Also, the company aims to make every customer their lifelong friend by providing services that give great results. They are committed to providing professional and quality detailing.

Highlights – 

  • Perfect job performance 
  • Great customer service
  • Years of experience 
KNOWN FORWest Coast Polishing & Detailing
ADRESS3456 E Church Ave Fresno, CA 93725
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 217-5791
OPERATING HOURSMon-Thu: 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Detailing Done Right

Detailing Done Right

Established in 2016, the owner of Detailing Done Right believes that giving is much better than receiving, and so he takes quality time to get the vehicle service in the right way. They specialize in many detailing services.

They are punctual, courteous, and efficiently perform work to produce remarkable results. If your vehicle needs a good detailing service, Detailing Done Right is the right place to be, and you won’t regret the services.

Highlights – 

  • Very friendly staff
  • Excellent work
  • Take less time
KNOWN FORDetailing Done Right
ADRESSFresno, CA 93703
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 473-9562
OPERATING HOURSMon-Thu: 8am – 5pm

Black Label Detailing

Specialized in delivering top-quality service, Black Label Detailing has custom packages to fit everyone’s needs. Whether it is a simple car wash or a complete detail, the technicians make sure that every aspect of their service has good outcomes. While they provide reasonable pricing for their services, it is definitely worth it. 

The services provided by Black Label Detailing include interior and exterior details, headlight restoration, paint enhancement, decal removal, shampoo, and monthly or weekly maintenance plans. So, if your car has experienced a dusty, dirty ride along with some mild scratches on the exterior, perhaps it needs a good wash and wax. Take your car to Black Label Detailing and get the job done.

Highlights – 

  • Professional work
  • Prompt service
  • Punctual and courteous staff
KNOWN FORBlack Label Detailing
ADRESS5655 N Marty Ave Ste 235 Fresno, CA 93711
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 201-8528
OPERATING HOURSMon-Thu: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

A & P Auto Detailing 

A & P Auto Detailing 

When it comes to auto detailing, A & P claims to be more meticulous with details. They guarantee to use the latest professional products which give you the finest finish on your vehicle. 

A & P Detailing & Auto Enhancement, established in 1972, has gained its reputation over the years for having the highest performance and customer satisfaction. Their service includes interior cleaning, carpet shampooing, exterior cleaning, and motor cleaning. 

They offer different service packages for their customers to enjoy. Their staff is also friendly and knowledgeable. They are ready to go the extra mile to exceed your ordinary needs.


  • Outstanding performance
  • Latest professional products
  • Decades of experience
KNOWN FORA & P Auto Detailing and Auto Enhancement
ADDRESS1251 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93703
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 241-8032

Danny Spotless Touch

Danny Spotless Touch

Danny Spotless is a top-rated auto detail service in Fresno that offers premium paint protection and auto detailing services to car owners and enthusiasts. They claim to have a high level of focus, passion, and attention to detail which is evident by their over 8 years of professional detailing experience.

They offer mobile detailing, mobile car wash, ceramic coatings, headlight restoration, and all your car detail needs. With their full range of services, they will make sure that you always have access to a better and clean vehicle.

Patrons of this shop love the exceptional service of their staff which makes the magic to their cars.  So, if you want a spotless touch on your car, come right over to Danny and he will provide you with a fast and convenient service.  


  • Years of experience
  • Professional and friendly
  • Great customer satisfaction
KNOWN FORDanny Spotless Touch
ADDRESS4622 N Third St, Fresno, CA 93726
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 550-6721

A-Z Car Detailing & Ceramic Coatings

A-Z Car Detailing & Ceramic Coatings

Enumerate your car detailing needs from A to Z and this shop will provide solutions for all of them with quality. Integrity, and attention to detail. 

A-Z car detailing services includes window tinting, auto detailing, paint protection film, ceramic coatings, and paint correction.  Whether you want beautiful glassy paint or a fresh feeling interior, they will never let your car leave us unless they would be proud to drive it themselves. 

Customers of this shop are amazed by the professional and friendly approach of the staff and were blown away by the great improvement and care of their cars. 


  • Veteran-owned
  • Paint protection expert
  • Outstanding Detailing
  • Great customer service
KNOWN FORA to Z Auto Detailing and Ceramic Coatings
ADDRESS6129 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93710
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 273-8739

Detail Garage

Detail Garage is an excellent shop by the ‘chemical guys’ brand which manufactures the highest quality chemicals in California. They innovate their products which they also used for their car detailing shop.  

Their service includes exclusive small-batch waxes to cutting-edge hybrid coatings, nano-polishes, and ceramic sealants. Behind their excellent service is a secret formula that makes them shine. This special sauce is no other than their values and statement in the aspects of dedication, authenticity, drive, fun, culture, empowerment, sharing, and growth. 

Customers also commend its staff for their great customer service. The staff is well-versed in their products and knowledgeable in responding to any questions. For detail garage, good is never good enough and that excellence is just a starting point.


  • Manufacture own products
  • Passionate owners
  • Exceptional customer service
KNOWN FORDetail Garage
ADDRESS3131 E Central Ave, Fresno, CA 93725
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 721-5497

Car detailing businesses can be your lifesaver in any car problems you may encounter in the future. The good news is, some people are passionate about this field, and modern cleaning solutions exist in car detailing today.   

So, if you wish to have a car detailing service in Fresno, you can run to any of the car detailing shops listed above. They are willing to educate you and suggest appropriate solutions to your needs. They also have evident professional service and specialties. Thus, you are in good hands with whatever you choose among them.

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