The 5 Best Pizza Places In Fresno , California

Pizza Places In Fresno

Right from the delicate crust coming from the oven to the calorific deformity loaded with all sorts of toppings, there’s a best pizza places in Fresno for everyone. Are you looking for something fresh and exciting?

If so, you should explore some of the best quality pizzas places in Fresno. Now you can satisfy your craving in the top pizza outlets in Fresno. Take a look at our list to find the best pizza restaurant in Fresno that would help you find out the right place when you venture the next time. Dont forget to visit Best Steakhouse in Fresno if you love Steak.

  1. 525 Pizza Company
  2. Douggy Fresh Pizza
  3. Mountain Mike’s Pizza
  4. Richie’s Pizza & Hot Dogs
  5. Javence Pizzeria

525 Pizza Company

525 Pizza Company

If you love to have handmade dough pizza perfected with flavorful fresh ingredients, 525 Pizza Company is where you should go. If you are tired of the old pizza places in Fresno, you won’t get disappointment by ordering pizza from 525.

Fortunately, the crispy and flavorful crust of the pizzas is loved by people. That’s because the dough is cooked nicely to fulfill your taste buds. The incredible staff at the place are quite friendly and they will help you fill your hungry bellies quickly.

If you want to find out the greatness of a place, you have to visit it, and 525 Pizza Company is not an exception as the place is comfortable enough to get along with your favorite pizza, and you can have them at competitive prices.

At 525, you can always have the right amount of cheese and sauce on the pizzas, and if you are in Fresno, you need to visit the place.

Highlights :

  • Extensive menu with the Mediterranean and Armenian flavors
  • Warm and cozy environment
  • Don’t have to wait for long to get your order
KNOWN FOR525 Pizza Company
ADDRESS3795 N West Ave Ste 104 Fresno, CA 93705
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 375-1680

Douggy Fresh Pizza

Douggy Fresh Pizza in Fresno

Looking for a great deal on delicious and fresh quick pizza? If so, Douggy Fresh Pizza is the right place for you. Other old chain pizza houses in the area might provide you with cheaper pizzas, but Douggy beats them all when it is about quality.

Douggy makes delicious pizzas that would quench your thirst for a great pizza, and with the addition of fresh ingredients, the pizzas have a fluffy and soft crust. Douggy loads plenty of toppings on their pizzas, and that’s why they are adorned by lots of people visiting their place.

There is no question that Douggy Fresh Pizza has become the favorite place for great quality pizzas at bargain prices. After you try their pizzas, you won’t go anywhere else. It is the right place to stop by and enjoy fresh, cheesy pizza.

Douggy Fresh Pizza is popular for its great topping selection, delicious pizza, and excellent pricing. The sauce on the top crust is really good and don’t skimp on the toppings as other pizzas do.

Highlights :

  • Offers both takeout and delivery
  • The place has outdoor seating
  • Fresh, crispy pizzas at reasonable prices
KNOWN FORDouggy Fresh Pizza
ADDRESS1585 N Palm Ave Fresno, CA 93728
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 237-3800

Mountain Mike’s Pizza


Very few pizza restaurant Fresno have been catering to the needs of people for about half a century. Mountain Mike’s Pizza has been an integral part of the culinary scene in Fresno for a very long time and people flock to this cozy place because of many reasons.

The place has Italian staples such as cannelloni, lasagna, and ravioli. Moreover, the professionals here at Mountain Mike’s are popular for making delicious and fresh pizzas. However, the guests are served with the pizzas they have ordered accordingly.

Another reason that people love the place is because of the traditional family recipes, and even the management and staff go beyond their normal service to make sure that the visitors are healthy and happy.

Pizza at the Mountain Mike’s is served hot and the crust is always chewy, soft, and crispy. Fortunately, the big-sized pizza, which remains the popular choice of many people is quite big, and it is stuffed with toppings.

Highlights :

  • Trusted pizza restaurant for over 40 years
  • Delicious and crispier unlike other pizza restaurants
  • Takeout and delivery options available
KNOWN FORMountain Mike’s Pizza
ADDRESS5150 E. Kings Canyon Rd Fresno, CA 93727
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 255-1100

Richie’s Pizza & Hot Dogs


If you are looking for a larger slice of pepperoni pizza, Richie’s Pizza & Hot Dogs has you covered. Delicious hot dogs and New York-style pizzas are served to the people, and no other place in Fresno has the best hot dogs compared to this place.

Richie uses high-quality ingredients to make the pizza and hotdogs stand out from the rest in the area. Richie’s Pizza is a great place to hang around and worth your price. Amazing pizza alongside excellent service is what makes Richie’s Pizza a favorable place for many visitors.

The crust-sauce-cheese ratio of the pizzas is truly awesome with the crust chewy at the top and crispy as you go deep. Whether you are in a mood to eat something delicious or a midafternoon snack, Richie’s Pizza is the best place.

Highlights :

  • Great place for late-night dinner and lunch
  • Delicious and crispy gourmet hotdogs and thin crust pizza
  • Outdoor seating available
KNOWN FORRichie’s Pizza & Hot Dogs
ADDRESS844 E Olive Fresno, CA 93727
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 441-0067
OPERATING HOURS11:00 AM – 2:30 AM (Next day)

Javence Pizzeria


The last one on the list of the best pizza restaurants in Fresno is Javence Pizzeria. Marinated pork adobada and carne asada are some of the popular recipes you can have in this restaurant. It has a wide variety of Italian classic recipes as well.  

People love the consistent consumer service at Javence Pizzeria with the pizza remaining delicious at all times and delivery is quick. The restaurant uses fresh dough, its sauce blend, and mozzarella cheese.

The pizza crust is extremely crispy and airy, and the additional fresh piece of lemon or lime makes the pizza even tastier. The tangy flavor is loved by people. Apart from the food, the place has a spacious dining area alongside a pool table.

You can get different pizza sizes with the giant one capable of feeding a big party! Tacos and chicken wings are some of the other recipes you should try.

Highlights :

  • Delicious pizza with a hint of lemon
  • Vegetarian options available
  • Affordable price unlike expensive pizza parlors
KNOWN FORjavence pizzeria
ADDRESS4305 E Tulare Fresno, CA 93702
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 374-6412

So, the best pizza places in Fresno can satisfy your thirst for a crispy, chewy pizza. You would mostly love the soft crust of the pizzas available in all these restaurants. You might be interested to check best Mexican restaurant in Fresno.

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