The 6 Best Tea in Fresno , California

Best Tea in Fresno

For decades, people around the globe have testified to the calming and invigorating qualities of tea. The traditional soothing effects of tea go beyond quenching thirst. It is drunk as a meditation aid to help soothe the nerves or simply to relax. Here’s a rundown of the best tea in Fresno, California to spot if you are on the lookout for beautiful yet straightforward, atmospheric tea places to visit.

And like everybody else, if you have been rushing around lately, it can be unbelievably hard to find a quiet time for yourself to take a break and relax.

Best tea places in Fresno listed bellow:

  1. Teazer World Tea Market – West Shaw
  2. Teazer World Tea Market – Fresno
  3. Pearl Tea House
  4. 1920 Tea Club
  5. Little Leaf Tea
  6. Tower Blends

Teazer World Tea Market – West Shaw

Teazer World Tea Market - West Shaw
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Teazer World Tea Market is a locally well-recognized tea chain in West Shaw. If you are on a hunt for a quiet place where you can study or finally sit by yourself with a cozy book, then this is the place for you. Teazer sets the mood right with relaxing music, too, and a laid-back ambiance that makes it easy for you to unwind and just enjoy your afternoon. 

In this refreshing tea place, they offer unique blends, which are good introductory tea drinks for someone who is just discovering the art of drinking tea. One of their most remarkable drinks is the Strawberry Feilds. It’s a fruity and delightful drink that doesn’t taste much like tea but has an apparent tea aftertaste you’ll certainly like if you are into sweet or tart drinks. However, Strawberry Feilds is not overly sweet, and it may even remind you of a sophisticated and calming version of strawberry milk.


  • Special boba blends
  • Sweet and tart Drinks
  • Afternoon teas
KNOWN FORTeazer World Tea Market – West Shaw
ADDRESS3140 W Shaw Ave Ste 111 Fresno, CA 93711
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 271-4758

Teazer World Tea Market – Fresno

best tea places in Fresno, California
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Afternoon tea is still a known and usual practice, especially among women. After all, it’s a great way to catch up. A few places in Fresno can drop in and enjoy some great-tasting tea and good conversation. Among many that stand out is Teazer World Tea Market.

Being owned by a granddaughter and daughter of a Chinese Herbalist and over ten years of experience making tea in Taiwan and Fresno, Teazer offers the most authentic concoctions of teas with modern twists.

One of the local and regulars favorites is Honolulu and its red variant, Red Honolulu. This drink is best shared with loved ones on a hot sunny afternoon. It has a nice fruity and tangy touch to it that will make you feel like summer, no matter the weather. Plus, it is served with apple slices that you can snack after you finish your drink, which complements the whole fruity summer vibe, too!


  • Authentic herbal teas
  • Traditional and natural flavored teas
  • Offers loose tea for home-brewing
KNOWN FORTeazer World Tea Market – Fresno
ADDRESS645 E Olive Ave Teazer Tower Fresno, CA 93728
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 442-4207

Pearl Tea House

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It is quite lovely to sip a cup of tea in a simple and cozy place that is not so fancy. Pearl Tea House has a rustic charm that makes the place feel nostalgic and intimate yet comfortable. It’s a perfect speak-easy place where you can catch up with loved ones or alone when you just needed a break.

Their specialty is their boba drinks and slushies. One of the favorites is the Mango Slush with boba. Their boba is so perfectly soft and chewy, which blends well with the mango slush that is thick, fruity, and refreshing.


  • Specialty boba and slushies
  • Good place for working or studying
  • Locally owned and operated
KNOWN FORPearl Tea House
ADDRESS2633 E Shaw Ave Ste 107 Fresno, CA 93710
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 291-1899

1920 Tea Club

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The atmosphere is the 1920 Tea Club’s greatest suit. It has an upbeat vibe which is unusual compared to the mellowed-down typical tea houses. It’s a great place to hang out with friends because it offers board games, a chill place, and tables where you can catch up, not to mention great meals for sharing.

Of course, you came for the tea, and if that’s the case, then Watermelon Slush with boba is something that you must try. You can tell the drink was made with fresh watermelon, which was perfectly sweetened. Not overly sweet, but just right. It matches with a fried raviolo or fries if you are hanging out with a friend.


  • Vegan options
  • Wide variety of meals
  • Signature boba blends
KNOWN FOR1920 Tea Club
ADDRESS732 W Bullard Ave Fresno, CA 93704
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 412-4727

Little Leaf Tea

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Being true to their name, Little Tea Leaf is a cute little tea place with a friendly and calm environment where you can get studying done. They offer signature brewed tea drinks which they make right in front of you upon serving. This is a unique move that everyone loved.

Their top drink is Spiced Chai Latte which everyone deemed terrific. It is a boba blend with whipped cream. They also offer a collection of bakery items you can snack along with your drink. And if your appetite is still ravished, their sandwiches are a must-try, too! One of their specials is the Turkey Pastrami Sandwich seasoned and served with tomatoes. You also get to choose which works with your sandwich, mayo, and mustard, and if you can’t decide, you can have both. 


  • Collection of bakery items
  • Signature Sandwiches
  • Broad Tea Selection
KNOWN FORLittle Leaf Tea
ADDRESS6011 N Palm Ave Fresno, CA 93704
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 261-2699

Tower Blends

best coffee in Fresno
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If you are around town, you have probably heard that Tower Blends offer Acai Bowls, and they are delicious. There is no lie to that!

Tower Blends is a vegan-friendly and locally owned Tea Hang-out that caters to wellness and a healthy lifestyle. They have a broad selection of Vegan-friendly meals, and their teas are rich in proteins and antioxidants. Tower Blends is an excellent place for a quick chat with friends over whole foods.

If you are looking for a guilt-free self-care indulgence, Tower Blends is the right fit. They support health-conscious serve tea with the freshest locally sourced ingredients.


  • Vegan friendly
  • Locally owned
  • Live music
KNOWN FORTower Blendz
ADDRESS802 E Olive Ave Fresno, CA 93728
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 633-9895

Drinking tea is a great way to up your energy while you cut down on your daily caffeine intake. If you can replace just one coffee break with a tea break, you’re on your way to a healthier you! Fresno has lots to offer you, but our job is to filter them down for you. So here are the top tea places you can spot, whether you want to have a place for yourself and have a quiet time, or hang out with friends, or simply craving for a sip of tea on your way home.

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