The 6 Best Landscaping Companies in Fresno

landscaping companies in fresno

The best landscaping companies in Fresno offer you a diverse range of home improvement services that are personalized to meet your specific criteria. These companies specialize in all kinds of carpentry or handyman work and have a variety of services along with repair projects.

They dedicate themselves to high-quality work and stand on their commitment to providing you with outstanding results as you might have imagined. The team works together to build a long-lasting relationship with their clients and guarantees complete satisfaction. If you are looking for landscape contractors, here are some suggestions.

  1. Lotus Gardens Outdoor Living Center
  2. Anderson Landscaping
  3. Picture Perfect Lawn
  4. River Rock Landscaping
  5. 559 Pro Landscape
  6. Straightedge Landscaping

Lotus Gardens Outdoor Living Center

Lotus Gardens Outdoor Living Center
Image : Lotus Gardens Outdoor Living Center

Lotus Gardens, which is a family-owned company and run by its members, has extensive knowledge and experience that are effective to help you with your special needs every time you visit them. Founded in 2009, the company takes care of every customer by providing them with the best of services.

Every time you pay a visit to the Lotus Gardens Outdoor Living Center, it feels the same and that’s because of the helpful staff. You can always expect to receive the best services from the team. Lotus Gardens have acres of outdoor growing spaces accompanied by beautiful indoor greenhouses.

From flowers, trees, shrubs, and plants to trellises, planters, birdbaths, and statues, this place has got everything in abundance. Whatever be your gardening project, small or large, the company has got everything you need.

Highlights –

  • Friendly staff
  • Huge collection of indoor plants
  • Affordable prices
KNOWN FORLotus Gardens Outdoor Living Center
ADDRESS2271 N Grantland Ave Fresno, CA 93723
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 255-3311

Anderson Landscaping

Anderson Landscaping home

With a knowledgeable and dedicated crew, Anderson Landscaping has been catering to the home improvement needs of the people living in Fresno and surrounding areas. Anderson Landscaping is a family-owned business and they have been providing their services for around 50 years.

Some of the special services include landscape maintenance, new sod installation, drainage, grading, patio covers, sprinkler system, and so on. With such a vast experience and knowledgeable staff, you can’t find a great landscaping service compared to others.

If you want to receive great landscaping service from some company that is reputable and honest in their dealings, Anderson Landscaping is the right way to go. Apart from the quality of work they provide, the company has an amazing customer service system.

Highlights –

  • Professional service
  • Takes care of your property
  • 50 years of experience
KNOWN FORAnderson Landscaping
ADDRESS2855 N Sunnyside Ave Fresno, CA 93727
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 500-3308

Picture Perfect Lawn

Picture Perfect Lawn

When it comes to providing top-notch home improvement professional services, Picture Perfect Lawn stands out from the rest because it takes the right step necessary to get the job done. The company has earned a good name by offering services for renewing existing landscapes and creating new ones.

The company was founded way back in 2012 and since then, it grew bigger and bigger. When you hire the team, you can sit back and relax because they would take care of everything without damaging your property. Also, Picture Perfect Lawn offers their professional-grade services at reasonable rates that you can’t find elsewhere.

People in and around Fresno are extremely satisfied and happy with their work. Also, they have acknowledged the team as the landscaping companies in fresno. The experts are very responsive and clean the mess after they have finished the work.

Highlights –

  • Always on time
  • Creative and professional staff
  • Highest quality work
KNOWN FORPicture Perfect Lawn
ADDRESS547 W Gettysburg Ave Fresno, CA 93705
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 974-1703

River Rock Landscaping

Going through the online reviews of several consumers, it appears that people have been pleased by the home improvement services offered by River Rock Landscaping. The team always arrives on time and performs great work without issues.

River Rock Landscaping’s customer service is spot-on because they are very helpful in offering valuable advice and works efficiently to provide ultimate results. Any kind of issues relating to your property such as yard cleanup or building up patios is resolved by the team within less time.

River Rock Landscaping has earned a good name with all the hard work and became a reliable and trustworthy company. Don’t worry if you have a dump site full of grass and tree junk in your backyard, the team is capable of handling them with ease.

Highlights –

  • Courteous and prompt service
  • A dedicated team of professionals
  • Reasonable pricing

559 Pro Landscape

559 Pro Landscape home

Although 559 Pro Landscape has provided outdoor cleaning services since its foundation, they operate a fully functional landscaping service alongside maintenance in Fresno and surrounding areas. The company is fully bonded, insured, licensed, and provides amazing service related to home improvements.

Plenty of people have decided to choose their services depending on the good customer service provided by the company. Any kind of query is answered quickly. Also, the queries are addressed by the team in person. Now, that’s something you don’t get from many leading companies.

The whole team is polite and works hard to make your dream come true. If you want your lawn projects to get done in the best way possible, 559 Pro Landscape can be your ultimate choice. The results are sure to meet your expectations. The highly experienced team takes pride in their work and produces amazing results.

Highlights –

  • A highly motivated team of professionals
  • Remarkable customer service
  • Neat and tidy work
KNOWN FOR559 Pro Landscape
ADDRESSFresno, CA 93704
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 317-2444

Straightedge Landscaping

Straightedge Landscaping
Image : Straightedge Landscaping

Founded in 2017, which is not a very long time ago, Straightedge Landscaping has done a great job. The company delivers amazing services relating to home improvements. If you have a terrible backyard and need to repair the same, you should contact them.

There are lots of landscaping companies, but Straightedge Landscaping is not one of them. That’s because the team is local and has a good understanding of the choices of people living in and around Fresno.

The team will take care of the weed issues in your yard with the help of effective fertilizers and keep the sprinkler system work smoothly.

Highlights –

  • Offers reliable work
  • Good communication
  • Effective results
KNOWN FORStraightedge Landscaping
ADDRESSFresno, CA 93720
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 722-2276

The best landscaping companies in Fresno have industry experts. They have all kinds of experience in landscaping and maintenance requirements. As a result, they provide you with astounding results. They have extreme professionalism in their way of working. Also, they pay the closest attention to every detail.

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