The 5 Places For The Best Tattoo Removal in Fresno, California

Best Tattoo Removal in Fresno

Removing tattoos can be quite a difficult task but some tattoo removal Fresno companies are fast changing that narrative. Tattoos are much more than arts. They aren’t just about making colorful drawings to beautify the body, tattoos are fast becoming a means of expression. A piece that holds true meaning to who a person really is or what (or who) they hold dear.

If you need to find tattoo artist, Here is the list best tattoo artist in Fresno.

Tattoos are the “in-thing” these days in Fresno and as many as 3 in 5 people have one. It is very common for residents to draw tattoos of their loved ones, celebrities, pets, career, religious figures, or even inanimate items they value so much. However, at one point or another, some tattoos might need to be removed despite being special or beautifully crafted.

Several reasons are responsible for the decision to remove a tattoo. It might be as a result of poor craftsmanship, worn-out drawings, or new designs on the block. Whatever the reason, it’s advisable to have only thorough-bred professionals, who are good at tattoo removal, to do the job. In light of this, we present you with tattoo removal Fresno professionals so you would obtain a quick, seamless, and clean job.

  1. California Vein & Laser Center
  2. Cali Soul Tattoo and Tattoo Removal
  3. Cindy Moua Permanent Makeup Studio & Academy
  4. Behr Laser & Skin Care Center
  5. Mystique Medical Spa

California Vein & Laser Center

California Vein & Laser Center offers a full range of skin and vein correctional solutions to the people of Fresno, Ca. Since opening their doors to the public in 1997, they have remained the top choice of many residents when it comes to tattoo removal. In doing this, they use the latest technology – the three-in-one laser machine. This equipment uses light of different wavelengths to break down the tattoo inks so they can be naturally absorbed into the body. This method is very efficient and less painful.

One major area where this center stands out from others is customer service. The staff members at the center follow the steps of Paul R. Montague M.D., the founder, and owner. He is polite, calm, collected, and empathetic. He offers tattoo removal services at fair rates. At California Vein & Laser Center, you would get specialist therapeutic service while removing your tattoos.


  • Uses the latest technology for tattoo removal.
  • Fair pricing.
  • Polite and friendly staff.
KNOWN FOR California Vein & Laser Center
ADDRESS7335 N 1st St Ste 103 Fresno, CA 93720
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 438-2800

Cali Soul Tattoo and Tattoo Removal

When people talk about the best tattoo removal Fresno professionals, Cali Soul & Tattoo Removal Fresno is what is really on their mind. This isn’t just a regular tattoo shop, it is a community of great professionals, skilled in service and with good years of experience up their sleeves.

Cali Soul Tattoo & Tattoo Removals removes tattoos in a seamless manner like it’s what they were born to do. They use the non-laser removal method to remove the pigment from the skin. Their decision to use the non-laser removal technique is to achieve maximum results with less pain to clients.

Professionalism is the hallmark of their trade. They place customer satisfaction above everything else. Even before beginning the removal process, the brief customers on what is needed for an almost seamless removal process. They also lead customers through to the end through encouragement. You can’t help but love this awesome place.


  • Seasoned professionals as staff members.
  • Quality work delivered.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed.
KNOWN FORCali Soul Tattoo and Tattoo Removal
ADDRESS4751 N Blackstone Ave Fresno, CA 93726
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 394-8808

Cindy Moua Permanent Makeup Studio & Academy

Cindy Moua runs one of the best tattoo removal centers in Fresno the Cindy Moua Permanent Makeup Studio & Academy. This studio has been in existence since 2016 and has been offering personalized services to those who want their tattoos removed.

Cindy Moua is undoubtedly one of the best to handle tattoo removal. Her training as a Home health expert combined with her passion to help people regain their smiles makes her run the studio so well that it is touted to be the best tattoo removal in Fresno studio. She and her crew use specialist skills to get rid of even the most difficult of tattoos as well as traditional and permanent makeup. Her studio is clean, spacious, and comfortable. They are also manned with courteous staff members who are very helpful to customers. In general, Cindy Moua is the one to contact for the best tattoo removal service. Little wonder her academy swells in the number of students. Many have come to realize how much she has to offer.


  • Comfortable and clean studio.
  • Removes all kinds of tattoos.
  • Highly recommended.
KNOWN FORCindy Moua Permanent Makeup Studio & Academy
ADDRESS6364 N Figarden Dr Ste 111 Fresno, CA 93722
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 999-6079
OPERATING HOURSTue – Fri: 10am – 5pm

Behr Laser & Skin Care Center

 Behr Laser & Skin Care Center

How would it feel if you have a team of professional dermatologists remove those tattoos? Cool right? Yes, this is what you get at the Behr Laser & Skin Care Center. This center has world-class lasers and other materials needed to make tattoo removal almost seamless and very fast. This center was founded by renowned dermatologist and beautician, Dr. Kathleen Behr in 2003. Dr. Behr is a multiple-award-winning specialist. She has been voted the best dermatologist in the whole of Fresno twice. She isn’t alone at the center, Dr. Chia Yeh-To and other board-certified professionals practice there as well.

The Behr Laser & Skin Care Center prioritizes customer care above anything else. You would notice this while getting your tattoos off here. Another key area that distinguishes the center from other tattoo removal Fresno centers is the availability of the latest tattoo removal laser machines and techniques. These undoubtedly aided the rapid growth of the center. You will get expert care at this center.


  • Professional dermatologist and team members.
  • Warm and kind treatment.
  • Quick and easy removal process.
KNOWN FOR Behr Laser & Skin Care Center
ADDRESS1125 E Spruce Ave #207 Fresno, CA 93720
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 254-8629

Mystique Medical Spa

 Mystique Medical Spa

A Freno-based tattoo removal outfit that literally pampers their customers, Mystique remains a top “go-to” choice for many who intend to get rid of some tattoos in the County. They don’t just get to work, they actually sit customers down and discuss body goals before taking any actions. They make the process look seamless with quick and almost painless tattoo removal.

Every member of the spa is well-trained professionals. They would always help you out with anything that would make tattoo removal easier for you. They treat customers as number 1. 

Did I mention that the spa offers free consultation? You don’t need to be rich to look good and Mystique Medical Spa makes that happen. Apart from being well arranged, is always clean. Mystique Medical Spa is truly one of a kind. Little wonder it was voted the best Medical Spa in Fresno six years in a row.


  • Trustworthy and caring staff members.
  • Free consultation.
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
KNOWN FOR Mystique Medical Spa
ADDRESS7161 N. Howard St., Suite 101
Fresno, CA 93720
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 447-5273
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri: 9am – 6pm

It shouldn’t be hard to get those unwanted tattoos off your skin if you are armed with the right information. You might be wondering if the good guys truly exist after some bad experience in the hands of inexperienced tattoo guys who leave you with a shoddy job. The truth is that they do exist and have been providing excellent service in Fresno for some time.We have just taken a look at the best tattoo removal Fresno professionals. They are the guys you can trust with your money and receive great value. You can see they aren’t here by a stroke of luck or chance. They have the right track record. It is evident that these tattoo removal firms know what they are doing and remain dedicated to customer satisfaction.

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