The 5 Best Mexican Restaurant in Fresno, California

Mexican restaurant in Fresno

In search of the best Mexican restaurant in Fresno? And, why not, because Fresno has some of the best restaurants in the country to serve Mexican food. The restaurant scene in Fresno is surprisingly diverse. If you love Mexican food and have visited Fresno, you should definitely try the Mexican restaurants.

The Mexican food provided in these restaurants is extremely tasty and people love them to their heart’s content. Fortunately, these restaurants offer competitive prices for the dishes and help you to fill your gut. Here are the 5 best Mexican restaurants in Fresno that will satisfy your desire.

  1. Toledito’s Mexican Restaurant
  2. Taqueria Don Pepe
  3. Las Mananitas
  4. Carrillo’s Mexican Food
  5. Castillo’s Mexican Food

Toledito’s Mexican Restaurant


If you are looking for great Mexican food in Fresno alongside friendly service and reasonable rates, Toledito’s Mexican restaurant is your go-to spot. The Chorizo Con Huevos and Shredded Beef Enchiladas are some of the popular dishes you can have here in Toledito’s Mexican Restaurant.

Whether it is fresh veggies or chicken, everything tastes delicious. Toledito’s Mexican restaurant has a diner-style arrangement for seating and it allows you to have comfortable dining. Other popular foods in this restaurant include chips and salsa, shrimp cocktail, rice and beans, and more.

The chips are homemade and they are thin and warm. Apart from tasty Mexican food, the consumer service is much better than other restaurants in the area. You would love the salsa as the soup is amazing. They are flavorful with lots of veggies.

Although it is a small restaurant, the place remains packed at all times. The restaurant is clean and the staff delivers excellent service by producing your food within the said time.

Highlights :

  • Lots of vegetarian options
  • Clean and cozy environment
  • Delicious food at reasonable prices
KNOWN FORToledito’s Mexican Restaurant
ADDRESSVan Ness Ave Fresno, CA 93721
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 498-6507 1704

Taqueria Don Pepe


If you are in Fresno and haven’t visited Taqueria Don Pepe, you are missing a lot especially if you love Mexican food. Taqueria Don Pepe has been in the business for over 20 years and has earned a good reputation among the locals. They serve authentic, handmade Mexican cuisine you can’t find anywhere in Fresno.

The restaurant has hit favorites such as taco, burritos, and tortas that are made available to you with meat. Also, they have an extensive menu consisting of seafood items such as fish tacos, shrimp cocktails, and ceviche tostada. People like these dishes more with Modelo, Coronas, or other Mexican beer.

You should visit Taqueria Don Pepe restaurant for the best handmade and affordable Mexican food in Fresno. The restaurant remains open seven days a week. Don’t forget to try Chile Verde sauce along with any of their signature dishes. They have two outlets in the area.

Highlights :

  • Serving people with amazing Mexican food for over two decades
  • Handmade recipes
  • Affordable prices
KNOWN FORTaqueria Don Pepe
ADDRESS4582 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93726
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 224-1431

Las Mananitas


It is another remarkable and popular go-to spot in Southeast Fresno where you can have Mexican brunch and breakfast. It appears that people are impressed by Las Mananitas because they serve the best Mexican flavor in their dishes unlike other restaurants in Fresno.

If you are a person who loves the proper handling of food in a clean environment and have a concise menu, Las Mananitas should be your ultimate choice. The staff who works here are amazingly gentle and satisfy you with their services. Delicious food and great consumer service are what make the place a popular one.

If you happened to visit the place, try the chilaquiles and the green salsa. Both these dishes are incredible and taste better, unlike other restaurants. If you like to satisfy yourself with authentic, handmade Mexican food, Las Mananitas is the right place for you.

Apart from all the mouthwatering delicacies, you can try the coffee that has a bit of cinnamon in it. So, visit the best Mexican restaurant in Fresno and have a great time with your loved ones.

Highlights :

  • Arrangement for outdoor seating
  • Clean environment with nice staff
  • Excellent Mexican delicacies
KNOWN FORLas Mananitas
ADDRESS1329 S Hazelwood Blvd Fresno, CA 93702
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 618-1100

Carrillo’s Mexican Food


Fresno’s Carrillo’s Mexican Food is another great restaurant if you want to satisfy your thirst for Mexican foods. Not only the food, but the place is really awesome when it comes to great hospitality by the staff. The Mexican flavors and spices in their recipes were spot on.

The Chile Verde omelette and potato eggs burrito are some of the dishes you don’t want to miss. If you happened to be in Fresno for some time, the Carrillo’s is the place you need to stop by. Fried beans along with fluffy rice is another recipe you must try.

When it comes to the food value, the portions of the dishes are quite big and you would be left with a full tummy. The service is prompt and you can have your orders before the said time. Moreover, the staff is polite and clean, which added great value to the place.

Highlights :

  • Takeout and deliver option available
  • Great place for sit-down dining
  • Good food at reasonable rates
KNOWN FORCarrillo’s Mexican Food
ADDRESS151 W Bullard Ave Ste 101 Clovis, CA 93612
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 325-5688

Castillo’s Mexican Food


At Castillo’s Mexican Food, you can always have a quick and friendly service apart from the delicious Mexican cuisine. The environment is really wonderful and it can keep you up for the rest of the night. Once you visit this place, you would be compelled to dine for another time.

Castillo’s Mexican Food is regarded as one of the trustworthy Mexican restaurants in Fresno. The restaurant uses quality ingredients and items sourced from local vendors to bring out the best from the dishes. Castillo provides high-quality meals with great pride.

The staff at the restaurant are always happy to provide you with a happy dining experience. You should try the chicken fajitas, rice and beans, where the onions are marinated with a hint of sweetness.

Highlights :

  • The aroma of the cuisines are truly amazing
  • Ideal place for dinner and lunch
  • Vegan options are available
KNOWN FORCastillo’s Mexican Food
ADDRESS3659 E Ventura Ave Fresno, CA 93702
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 485-1635

Whether you are living in Fresno, or just a tourist, you might think of visiting the best Mexican restaurant in Fresno. These restaurants serve the best Mexican cuisines in a competitive price range.

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