The 7 Best Orthodontist in Fresno

best orthodontist in Fresno

Only the best orthodontist in Fresno provides high-quality care for the patients. And, helps them to tackle problems relating to teeth. If you are suffering from low self-esteem because of crooked teeth, it is time for you to rectify the same. That way, you can raise your spirits high.

Whether you or anyone from your family is having a hard time dealing with a misaligned jaw, overcrowding issues, or other problems in teeth, a good orthodontist can relieve you from that. Looking for an amazing orthodontist in Fresno? Here are some of them you can find in this area.

Best orthodontist in Fresno listed bellow:

  1. Nalchajian Orthodontics
  2. Thurman Orthodontics – Braces & Invisalign
  3. DiCiccio Freeman Orthodontics
  4. Clarity Orthodontics
  5. Mark Lowe DDS Orthodontics
  6. Cory J Costanzo, DDS
  7. Unique Orthodontics

Nalchajian Orthodontics

Nalchajian Orthodontics - Best Orthodontist in Fresno

At Nalchajian Orthodontics, the staff believes that everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile. Also, they should have healthy and straight teeth. They ensure that every patient walking through their doors with low self-esteem should return with high confidence the next time they visit the place.

Are you are looking for traditional braces or other solutions? If so, you are sure to find positive results through Nalchajian Orthodontics. With the latest techniques and compassionate staff, Nalchajian Orthodontics provides every patient with the right treatment.

Because the team is highly trained and experienced, they provide full scope for treating different kinds of problems relating to your teeth. The comfort and safety of the patients are the two pillars of Nalchajian Orthodontics.

Highlights –

  • Insurance is accepted here
  • Staff are welcoming
  • Top-notch service
KNOWN FORNalchajian Orthodontics
ADDRESS7501 N Fresno St Ste 105 Fresno, CA 93720
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 432-7100
Thu–Fri: 7:00 AM–4:00 PM

Thurman Orthodontics – Braces & Invisalign

Thurman Orthodontics - Best Orthodontist in Fresno

People living in Fresno have a deep liking for Thurman Orthodontics. And, there are enough reasons for that. The team takes pride in treating every Fresno resident suffering from dental problems with the utmost care and attention. In short, they behave like family members.

The lovable ambiance, modern-day orthodontic technology, and awesome personal service are adorned by people very much. Everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile and get their spirits high. With affordable braces for everyone, Thurman Orthodontics is the right place for you.

If you are seeking the politest, quickest, and reasonably priced service for your teeth, you need to pay a visit to Thurman Orthodontics and have the experience of your life.

Highlights –

  • Highly skilled staff
  • Nice and cozy place
  • Accepts insurance
KNOWN FORThurman Orthodontics
ADDRESS6789 N Willow Ave Ste 106 Fresno, CA 93710
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 439-0425

DiCiccio Freeman Orthodontics

DiCiccio Freeman Orthodontics

A beautiful smile can have a long-lasting effect because it raises your self-confidence about how you interact with people. An appealing smile breaks the ice and opens doors during tense situations. That’s the reason why more people are choosing the best orthodontist in Fresno to get good results.

DiCiccio Orthodontics helps you to have enough self-confidence that results from a healthy, beautiful smile. With over 27 years of experience, the professionals at the facility use modern-day equipment and specializations to treat deformities in your teeth.

When you visit this place, you would receive amazing service from the experts. They enquire you about your specific teeth problems. They take proper care to ensure the treatment is done without complications.

Highlights –

  • Great reception and welcoming staff
  • Professionals at work
  • Reasonable pricing
KNOWN FORDiCiccio Freeman Orthodontics
ADDRESS7055 N Fresno St Ste 302 Fresno, CA 93720
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 325-3300
OPERATING HOURSMonday and Tuesday: 8am-5pm
Wednesday and Thursday: 7am-4pm

Clarity Orthodontics

Clarity Orthodontics - Orthodontist in Fresno

Dr. Tamara N Shamlian, who is a certified orthodontist, owns Clarity Orthodontics. And, provides cutting-edge technology to relieve people from their abusing teeth. Being a highly qualified orthodontist, Dr. Shamlian has vast knowledge to treat all kinds of issues relating to your teeth.

Before starting with the procedure, you would receive a quote about the requirements. Dr. Shamlian along with the other staff are accommodating, friendly, and have a professional approach. The place has a comforting environment.

What’s more adorable is the fact that Dr. Shamlian herself explains every procedure. Clarity Orthodontics has an effective treatment plan that you can rarely find elsewhere.

Highlights –

  • Uses modern-day techniques
  • Best treatment at reasonable rates
  • Warm, cozy environment
KNOWN FORClarity Orthodontics
ADDRESS7035 N West Ave Ste 103 Fresno, CA 93711
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 476-4537
Thu–Fri: 7:00 AM–4:00 PM

Mark Lowe DDS Orthodontics

Mark Lowe DDS Orthodontics

With an experience of more than 20 years, Dr. Mark Lowe is undoubtedly the best orthodontist in Fresno. The clinic offers a wide range of treatment options. They range from the latest intuitive orthodontic technology like Invisalign to traditional braces.

Invisalign is a set of plastic aligners that helps to straighten your teeth without the noticeable bulky braces that you see around. Top-quality care and treatment are guaranteed in a professional environment. Everyone at the facility is friendly. And, there are safety precautions in place.

A lot of people are impressed with the expertise of Dr. Lowe and the team. The clinic is clean and well decorated.

Highlights –

  • Extraordinary treatment
  • Office cleanliness is remarkable
  • Excellent wait time
KNOWN FORMark Lowe DDS Orthodontics
ADDRESS7055 N Fresno St Ste 203 Fresno, CA 93720
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 467-1235

Cory J Costanzo, DDS

Cory J Costanzo - Best Orthodontist in Fresno

Dr. Cory Costanzo received several training sessions in a variety of modern techniques involved in orthodontics. Since the foundation of Costanzo Orthodontics in 2008, Dr. Costanzo excelled in creating a professional, caring environment along with the implementation of new technology.

The place provides creative orthodontic solutions from age 8 up to 86. Dr. Costanzo continues to research the latest developments in this field. And, along with his trained team, he is confident in providing amazing care of the highest quality for patients of all ages.

Now, you can have a beautiful smile without pain from the painless Invisalign method used by Dr. Costanzo and his team.

Highlights –

  • Professionals to take care of your dental issues
  • Great ambiance
  • Cost-effective orthodontic solutions
KNOWN FORCory J Costanzo, DDS
ADDRESS7055 N Maple St Ste 101 Fresno, CA 93720
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 435-5033
OPERATING HOURSMonday: 8:00am to 6:00pm
Tuesday: 8:00am to 5:00pm
Wednesday: 8:00am to 5:00pm
Thursday: 8:00am to 4:00pm

Unique Orthodontics

Unique Orthodontics - Orthodontist in Fresno

Whenever you feel the need for orthodontics such as Clear Braces, Damon System, or Invisalign, you can visit Unique Orthodontics and get the treatment. The highly trained team at Unique Orthodontics believes that investing in your smile is one of the most valuable decisions.

The whole team gives you the best orthodontic treatment you can’t find anywhere. There is no question that you will be satisfied by visiting Unique Orthodontics and make your visit a memorable and joyous one.

When you visit Unique Orthodontics, you would be treated with great care from day one until your treatment gets over.

Highlights –

  • Affordable treatment
  • Helpful staff
  • In-person visits
KNOWN FORUnique Orthodontics
ADDRESS1616 W Shaw Ave Ste A6 Fresno, CA 93711
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 222-2522

The best orthodontist in Fresno provides you with intuitive solutions needed for healthier teeth. They are experts in aligning your jaw or straightening your teeth. And, help you increase your self-esteem.

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