The 6 Best Painters in Fresno, California

best Painters in Fresno

There are lots of painters around but having the best painters in Fresno handle your painting job should be your topmost priority. Quality service delivery is the key thing here. Everyone wants value for their money. Nobody wants a poorly done painting job which would cost you more if you decide to repaint. A painter who would do a great job to meet or even surpass your requirements should be what you should consider. The importance of getting professional hands on your project can’t be overemphasized.

While many painters and painting firms abound in Fresno, only a few are good at what they do. This is because they spent lots of years mastering the profession. They learn innovations, ideas, and skills relevant to the craft. The best painters are those who stay abreast of the latest developments in painting. They are also the ones with a well-trained and supportive team that help them meet the demands of customers.

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Taking these into account, we have gathered a list of the best painters in Fresno for you. These painters were selected because of their proven track record which sets them apart from others in Fresno. They also have a history of customer satisfaction evident in the number of long-lasting relationships they have maintained with customers. Let’s take a closer look at these painters and what they offer.

  1. Michael Angelo Custom Painting
  2. Rojo Painting Fresno
  3. Goodnews Painting
  4. JC’s Painting and Coating
  5. Valley Pro Painters, Fresno
  6. Mainstreet Painting Company

Michael Angelo Custom Painting

Michael Angelo Custom Painting

Just like the legendary Michelangelo who is touted to be one of the greatest painters of all time, Michael Angelo Custom Painting aims to make its history and leaves marks on the sands of time. This company has over the years offered full-option painting services to residents of Fresno, Clovis, and other surrounding Cities. They have a reputation for responsiveness, service delivery, customer-friendliness, and all-around professionalism. Little wonder they are ranked among the best painters in Fresno. Michael Angelo Custom Painting does interior and exterior paintings both on residential and commercial buildings. They can also help you remodel your home, update your kitchen and repaint old furniture, wardrobes, and other articles.

One reason you should consider this company is its owner Mike. He is accessible and readily available at all times. He offers you the flexibility to choose your colors and the time for the job. If you don’t know which to use, Mike offers free Color Consultation for that. He is also thorough with the job. Past customers say Mike and his team give utmost attention even to the slightest detail. If you want a good painting service, Mike is just the right person to put a call across to.


  • Professional, attentive, and service-driven staff.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Free consultation service.
KNOWN FORMichael Angelo Custom Painting
ADRESS2167 Shaw Ave 115-218 Fresno, CA 93611
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 770-4447
OPERATING HOURSMon-Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Rojo Painting Fresno

Rojo painting Fresno is a family-owned painting company based in Fresno but also serves other counties like Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Tulare, and Stanislaus as well. They have been in the painting and refinishing business for over 30 years during which they have done great works and provided great customer service to clients in line with their organizational objectives. Painters at Rojo’s are highly skilled and professional but believe that these aren’t enough to deliver a great job. This is why they sit you down to determine your color preferences and the most convenient time for them to do their job. They can work at night or during weekends, whichever suits your business schedule. Such collaborations, according to them would ensure there’s no work disruption.

This company also offers a wonderful customer experience right from when you contact them for inspection and evaluation till job completion. Previous customers attest to their courteous and friendly nature as well as expertise. Whether you want a total aesthetic overhaul of your business facility, remodeling of your home or you are building a new property, Rojo painting Fresno has got you covered.


  • Highly skilled and experienced professionals.
  • Easily accessible and courteous
  • Offers you flexible options.
KNOWN FORRojo’s Painting
ADRESS1279 W Sierra Ave Fresno, CA 93711
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 421-9085
OPERATING HOURSMon-Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Goodnews Painting

Goodnews Painting

Are you looking for a painting service provider in Fresno, CA that does an impeccable job? Do you wish for a painting company with a great work ethic and excellent service delivery? Then look no further because Good News Quality Painting Inc. is the right one for you. This company is owned by Alfonso Manilla who has over 20 years of painting experience. He has handled many projects over the years and has received lots of positive reviews and recommendations from clients.

Goodnews painting is renowned in Fresno for handling interior or exterior paintings for residential and commercial buildings in an efficient manner. If you also want to do cabinets, kitchens, or renovation painting, they would do a thorough job for you. The owner is patient and easy to work with. He treats you like family and helps you make informed decisions about colors, styles, and finishing. The focus of Goodnews Painting Inc., Fresno is to bring lives to your walls. Alfonso and his team believe that they can transform the lives of customers by transforming their businesses and residences with a new look. They are committed to this philosophy. This is why they remain one of the best painters in Fresno. Get in touch with Alfonso and his team today to receive value for your money.


  • Impeccable service delivery.
  • Friendly and courteous professionals.
  • Highly recommended.
KNOWN FORGood News Painting
ADRESSFresno, CA 93650
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 495-8043
OPERATING HOURSMon-Fri: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

JC’s Painting and Coating

JC’s Painting and Coating

JC’s Painting and Coating, Fresno is another top-performing painting company you should consider using if you are resident in Fresno, CA. They are reliable and trustworthy. These attributes have ranked them tops in customers’ choice since incorporation in 2012 (although the owner John Campbell has been painting since 1993). JC’s team is responsive and offers great pricing. They are also very skilled in their craft. You might call them artists if you wish. They also offer you color consultancy for free.

JC’s works are great and stand the test of time. They aren’t only concerned about beauty but also longevity. JC’s uses only the best quality paints and materials that can withstand even the harshest and most extreme weather conditions in California. Their competence has brought them customers from not just Fresno, but also other surrounding Counties such as Kings, Madera, Tulare Counties, and others. With JC’s Painting and Coating, great service is assured.


  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Great Workmanship.
  • Outstanding work ethics.
KNOWN FORJc’s Painting and Coating
ADRESS3711 S Bagley Ave Ste 105 Fresno, CA 93725
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 681-4701
OPERATING HOURSMon-Fri: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Valley Pro Painters, Fresno

Valley Pro Painters

Valley Pro Painters, Fresno offers full option painting service in Fresno. They are hardly out of job because of the quality of work they deliver but they are always available and ever ready to take on the next project. They do commercial and residential paintings and also paint smaller items like furniture and fittings in homes and offices. Not just that, they offer other services like staining, coating, and rust prevention solutions for metallic materials.

These painters are fast and very cautious when doing their work. They meet deadlines and maintain a very neat workspace. With them, you don’t have to worry about paint stains on important or delicate items. They also clean up after working and stick around for you to inspect and find out any mistake so they can correct it immediately (but it rarely happens).

In addition to these, they have affordable, courteous, and friendly. This is why they get recommendations from almost everyone that has used their service. Valley Pro Painters should be on the list of painters to contact in Fresno if you want to give your home, office, or business premises a thorough facelift.


  • Fair pricing.
  • Very cautious staff.
  • Given to details.
KNOWN FORalley Pro Painters
ADRESS2685 N Marty Ave, Fresno, CA 93722
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 495-5875
OPERATING HOURSMon-Fri: 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM

Mainstreet Painting Company

Serving the people of Fresno and the surrounding areas excellently for 10 years, Mainstreet painting company is a team you can rely on to give you quality service. These guys can transform your home with their creativity. The two co-owners Andrew “Andy” Zendner and Jason “Jay” Turner are very professional. They can bring the designs you have in mind to reality.

Mainstreet offers competitive pricing. The prices they offer are one of the best you can get in Fresno and its environs. They also have a record of on-time job completion and neatness. They clean up after completing a job and check around to ensure everything is in order. They also give discounts to Military personnel and veterans in appreciation of their service. So if you are in luck if you are serving or a veteran. Not just that, if you are picky with colors or unsure of which to use, Andy and Jay are patient and offer great support. You would get great service with Mainstreet painting company.


  • Highly creative painters.
  • Competitive pricing with discounts for veterans.
  • Excellent customer support.
KNOWN FORMain Street Painting Company
ADRESSFresno, CA 93705
CONTACT DETAILS(559) 760-6112
OPERATING HOURSMon-Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

It shouldn’t be hard to get quality painting service in Fresno if you have the right information. You might have tried some painters in the past that left you disappointed with a bad job that left you wondering if the good guys exist. They do and have been around for quite some time here providing excellent service.

Here, we have looked at the best of the best in Fresno when it comes to painting. They are the service providers that should top your list if you want value for your money. You could see that they aren’t here by chance or a stroke of luck. Their works speak for them. It is evident that these painters know their onions in the field and are dedicated to customer satisfaction. They give you long-lasting painting solutions that would get you recommending them to others just as I have done.

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